Spray seminar well attended

7 December 2001

Spray seminar well attended

THE fact that it takes only a drop of spilled pesticide to pollute up to 20km of a stream was a key eye-opener for several sprayer operators attending the first of the Crop Protection Association/UKASTA pesticide stewardship workshops.

"Several people were quite surprised at how far just one drop of active ingredient can go," says Technicrops Richard Green.

Packaging issues were well to the fore in the well-attended half-day course at the firms Ross-on-Wye base. In all, 80 operators are expected to attend its four courses by the end of January.

In particular the amount of active left on the foils of pesticide containers was raised as a potential problem, says Mr Green.

"Feedback suggested there is a need to reduce the number of cans required, but 20 litre containers do not fit the intake hoppers of most machines." There were also complaints that all cans look too much the same.

Several visitors said they planned to change their filling practices to take account of the Cherwell study findings, adds Mr Green. "Some people, for example, said they would be moving off concrete." Others went away resolved to ensure empty cans were stored upright to avoid leaks. &#42

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