Sprayer follows map and saves on costs

15 March 2002

Sprayer follows map and saves on costs

MICRON Sprayers used the Precision Farming event to go public with its PatchSpray Pro Series Variable Rate Controller.

A joint effort with RDS Technology, the controller is designed to automatically vary spray volume according to a treatment map created by GPS.

The system works with two or more sets of spray nozzles with different size orifices which are divided in up to four sections.

Controlled by pneumatic or solenoid valves, the PatchSpray system selects the appropriate combination of nozzles and line pressure to achieve the required dose for the specific field area.

The Silsoe Research Institute, which helped develop the system, says optimum spray quality based on droplet size distribution can be maintained.

This, claims Silsoe, achieves better biological efficacy without unnecessary drift, and allows herbicide and liquid N savings of up to £18/ha and £10/ha respectively.

Another feature is the controller can input treatment plans from mapping software using a smart card. Cost of the PatchSpray Pro Series controller is £2750. &#42

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