Sprinkle-on, lick-off

12 July 2002

Sprinkle-on, lick-off

ENCOURAGE cleansing and stimulate intakes in freshly calved cows with a mineral supplement which is sprinkled on the newborn calf, says Mike Lemmey of Easy Products.

He says Easy Starter is useful for heifers not used to concentrate and cows with poor appetites at calving. "One dose is normally given, but we give a second dose to cows which are off colour."

The supplement contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals and vitamins, as well as glucose and salt. It is an easy-to-use alternative to the precautionary bottle of calcium given to prevent milk fever on susceptible cows, adds Mr Lemmey.

Each dose costs £2.80 (01935-891215, fax 01935-589242).

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