Stand by your seed-beds

12 July 2002

Stand by your seed-beds

LANDMEC Pottingers new Dalbo Culti-bar is designed to shatter clods and level ground when working on ploughed land.

Supplied in 6.3m, 7.6m and 8.3m operating widths, the implement employs spring tines working ahead of a packer roller.

Vibration of the spring tines, which are narrow and spaced closely together, can produce a one-pass seed-bed in most soil conditions, says Landmec.

To work at different depths, the tines can be hydraulically raised and lowered.

For the roller, there is a choice of three press ring weights on the 6.3m and two on the 7.6m and 8.3m implements.

The weights, says Landmec, enables varying ballast to be specifieed to suit different soil types. The roller also has a hydraulic weight transfer system running from its heavier centre section to the two outer wings.

Pressurised by hydraulics, the system applies an equal weight across all three gangs to achieve an even density seed-bed.

Price for a 6.3m combination with lightweight rings is £6460. An 8.3m version costs £8890. &#42

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