Starve em before you worm em…

22 May 1998

Starve em before you worm em…

WORMING is far more efficient if done correctly and, in lambs, when they are starved for 24 hours before dosing.

According to the Moreduns David Henderson, it is vital to ensure wormer is given over the back of the tongue. "Do not treat it as an Olympic event."

Placing wormer in the front of the mouth stimulates the oesophageal groove, meaning wormer will by-pass the rumen. "This will be less effective, as it will not be in the gut for long enough. Getting it right increases product efficiency by 30%."

Taking lambs off pasture and providing access to straw and water for 24 hours before worming will increase drug efficiency by 40%, says Dr Henderson. It is vital they have access to water, he adds.

– and turn them out six to 12 hours afterwards to ensure better product efficiency."

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