Stay on slippery slope with baler wrapper combo

18 August 2000

Stay on slippery slope with baler wrapper combo

REDUCED labour, higher workrates and easier operation on steep slopes are claimed for New Hollands new integral round baler/wrapper combination range.

Launched at Grassland 2000, the machine marries New Hollands 544 fixed chamber round baler to a Tawi 500 wrapper built by Swiss manufacturer Grunderco.

The machine is also available as New Hollands 644 or 648 variable chamber round balers which can be adapted to work with Grundercos Tawi 600 wrapper.

The wrapper unit is attached to the baler via a surrounding box section frame, with a pivoting twin axle assembly positioned half-way in the combination to allow even weight distribution.

New Holland claims the tandem axle reduces weight by 250kg on each 15/55-17 tyre, compared with a stand-alone baler.

The twin axle is designed to achieve a low centre of gravity and, in combination with a low-slung wrap table, allow baling and wrapping on steep gradients.

Operation of the machine is carried out from Grundercos in-cab TAWI control box which is used to control two main functions – automatic bale ejection/wrapping and bale unloading.

The first function is activated by a single button which opens the chamber door – followed by a transfer fork that lifts the bale onto the wrapping table. The transfer fork then returns to its rest position and the chamber door closes.

The wrapping table comprises a chain and bar bale rotating mechanism, with four centring rollers – a system designed to allow bales to be wrapped accurately and on steep slopes.

Wrapping is carried out by twin orbiting arms with 750mm film dispensers rotating at 4.5rpm for the first few turns, increasing to 18rpm at full operational speed.

After wrapping, bales can either be unloaded immediately, held until a suitable drop location is reached, or transported and dumped along with the next wrapped bale to allow double collection in the field.

Contractors KE & JM Watkins, based near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, has trialed the 544/500 combination in first cut silage this season – baling and wrapping about 2250 bales.

"The combination managed to produce up to 45 bales/hour in heavy first cut silage with few teething problems," says operator Chris Price. "Outputs were slightly less than expected. But the machine is much more stable on steep ground compared with our other two tractor trailed wrappers we employ."

Prices for the 544/500 and 648/600 baler/wrapper combinations start at £35,316 and £37,515 respectively. &#42

Stability on steep slopes is claimed for New Hollands 544/Tawi 500 and 648/600 round baler wrapper combinations.

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