Steel drawers for cattle passports

13 August 1999

Spikell help you lift bale burdens

TAKE the strain out of lifting both round and square bales with a heavy duty bale spike, says manufacturer Spaldings.

The folding bale spike is fitted with two spikes which can be used for round and square bale handling of straw and silage, says the company.

Manufactured from heavy steel, it can be fitted to standard A-frames or both front and rear tractor three point linkages, it adds.

The spike costs £235 (01522-500600, fax 01522-509300).

Sprays for maize

PREVENT maize clamp surface waste with Top-Treat, says manufacturer, Biotal.

When using salt to prevent spoilage it can be difficult to achieve an even distribution over the clamp surface and the process is laborious, says the company. Top-Treat is said to give a more even distribution and improve surface penetration.

The liquid preparation is sprayed on the clamp surface immediately prior to final sheeting, using any suitable liquid applicator.

The company recommends that the treated surface should remain sealed from contact with air for 40 days.

It is supplied in tubs containing four sachets; enough to treat 600sq m on dilution. Each tub costs £175 (01222-766716, fax 01222-766945).

Jab kits for sheep are just the job

FREE vaccinator kits for Enzovax and Toxovax sheep abortion vaccines are being offered to producers ordering 50 doses or more, says manufacturer Intervet.

The administration kit, available to producers through their vet, usually costs £17. It provides all the equipment needed to deliver the vaccine safely and effectively, says the company.

With abortion costing sheep producers £30m a year, according to Intervet, it hopes that the offer will encourage flockmasters to vaccinate. It has also reduced the Enzovax price by 12.5% (01223-420221, fax 01223-420504).

Steel drawers for cattle passports

MAKE cattle passport management easier with the Cattle Passport Multidrawer, says manufacturer Bisley Office Furniture.

Up to 160 passports can be stored in the three-drawer steel cabinet. For simple location of passports, it contains two magnetic compressor plates to ensure passports sit upright, says the company. The top drawer is designed to hold application forms.

Cabinets are available in a range of colours and locking drawers are available as an extra option, it says. They also come with a five year guarantee.

The cabinets cost £62 each (01483-485600, fax 01483-489962).

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