Steer prices down again

13 March 1998

Steer prices down again

STEER prices fell again this week, down 1.20p/kg to 85.64p/kg.

But opinion is split as to whether big numbers are set to hit marts, having come off the premium scheme retention period.

John Uffold, who sells at Ludlow, Salop, says this is not happening. "At the beginning of the year, everyone said there would be thousands of these cattle about in March."

Some animals have not got the required finish and with prices still in the doldrums, there is no rush to sell them, he says. "Any stock that does not quite fit the bill has to compete with imports and is, therefore, discounted. This means the bigger ones, those that grade 4H, and anything that is not quite right shaped or FABBL-approved."

Peter Kingwill, auctioneer at Chippenham, Wilts, reckons marketings could rise. "There is no obligation to sell them as soon as they come off retention, but they have been in the yards long enough, now people want the money in the bank." &#42

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