Store looks to cut lamb glut

16 July 2001

Store looks to cut lamb glut

By FWi staff

SUPERMARKET chain Sainsburys is looking to introduce new lamb cuts and ready-made dishes to help use up a glut of light lambs.

Light lambs are popular in Italy and France, but cannot be exported because of foot-and-mouth restrictions.

They are less popular in the UK and farmers have warned have warned that two million unwanted light lambs could be culled within weeks.

A Sainsburys spokeswoman said it was too early to give details of the cuts, but said some light lamb could be used in own brand ready-made meals.

This comes as the store announced that it stocks over 95% of fresh British meat and maintained this through all of the foot and mouth outbreak.

A survey carried out by the store found that support for farming issues has become the leading issue for consumers when purchasing meat.

It discovered that customers are keen to support British farmers and want the option to purchase locally sourced meat wherever possible.

The store also reports that sales figures for the major supermarkets saw Simsburys fresh British beef sales rise by 4% compared to the rest of the market.

The store puts this rise down to the clear use of labeling highlighting British products, promotional activity and its local sourcing programme.


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