Stores support GM food comeback

7 December 2001

Stores support GM food comeback

By Adrienne Francis

FOOD industry representatives have privately backed the return of genetically modified foods to supermarkets, reports The Financial Times.

A debate between more than 100 representatives from farmers to retailers, arranged by The Grocer magazine, found that 64% supported re-introduction.

Food retailers, including the leading supermarkets are maintaining their policy of not selling GM products, it writes

A Cropgen review of published studies, has found no evidence of any specific health risk through GM crops, the paper adds.

“Approved GM foods are at least as safe as other foods in the shops,” Cropgen chairman Professor Vivian Moses told the paper.

The possibility of a health problem emerging only over decades was, “a risk that has to be taken,” the review says.

The review rejects calls from GM critics, for transgenic foods to be approved through animal test trials.

These would be difficult, expensive and unnecessary since GM foods are similar to existing foods, it concludes.

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