Strong weeds are a problem

8 May 1998

Strong weeds are a problem

ADVANCED problem weeds in beet and a tender crop are posing difficult questions for agronomists and growers alike.

farmers weeklys Eastern Lodge farm is no exception. Knotgrass in beet drilled on Mar 23 and Apr 1 had reached first true leaf last week.

"It will be a beast to kill now," says farms manager John Lambkin. However, not all the field is affected. In consultation with his agronomist, he plans to hit the knotgrass hard by patch spraying affected areas, but leave the rest of the crop to allow the beet to advance.

A Goltix (metamitron), Nor-tron (ethofumasate and phenmedipham) tank-mix will be applied once conditions allow, and seven to 10 days later.

"Delaying action is safer to the rest of the beet, provided we know we can control the weed spectrum later."

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