Sturdy feeder is maintenance free

15 August 1997

Sturdy feeder is maintenance free

SAVE feed and reduce waste of liquid and pellets using robust feeders that need no maintenance, says Wyedale Plastics.

Wyedale adds that its pellet feeder dribbles feed slowly from its twin hopper while keeping the rest of the feed away from birds and vermin. One feeder is said to hold two bags of pellets to feed 10 calves or even more sheep. It is designed to hang on a pen or gate.

The molasses lick feeder is strong enough to withstand trampling, easy to transport and holds 250 litres (55gal), it adds. It has a timber sub-frame to act as a skid and internal bracing rods to add strength.

Each pellet feeder costs £49.50 and the lick feeder is £160, both have a 12-month guarantee (01460-73212).

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