Sundays the time to give beef a boost

19 November 1999

Sundays the time to give beef a boost

ROAST and Toast Day is nearly here. This Sunday (Nov 21) is the day we hope you will join together with family and friends to enjoy a mouth-watering meal of British beef and to toast the future of our industry.

It will be a chance to do your bit for the embattled cattle sector – help it eat its way out of trouble – and to look forward to the better times ahead across farming.

No doubt you – like us at FW – have been enjoying home-reared beef for years. But were hoping to make Sunday November 21st a special day to enjoy the delights of this traditional treasure. And, as for the toast with your meal, well, thats simple – "British Farming".

Farmers and foodies, meanwhile, are hitting back at France. "If the French can boycott our beef, we can ban their grub," says Sebastian Hughes owner of the Holne Chase Hotel and Restaurant in Exeter, Devon.

Holne Chase has put together a "defiant package for patriots who want to get a little of their own back on our Continental neighbours", offering a two-night stay which included such delights as Devon beef and Plymouth Sloe Gin.

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