Superstores unfazed by boycott call

6 September 2002

Superstores unfazed by boycott call

RETAILERS do not expect to suffer by a national Dont Shop at Supermarkets Day planned for tomorrow (Sept 7).

Kent-based community business WyeCycle has urged the public to boycott large stores because it claims they are contributing to pollution, destroying British agriculture and ruining the countryside.

"The only hope for Britains farmers, the global environment and your community is for the UK to return to a position where no single business is responsible for more than 1% of UK food retailing," it said.

The organisation believes that consumers should be encouraged to shop at independent stores, farm shops and farmers markets instead of the large multiples.

Significant impact

But a spokesman for the British Retail Consortium, which represents the large multiples, said it was not expecting the dont shop day to have a significant impact on sales.

Many of the accusations levelled at supermarkets were unfair, he said. For every farmer who had a problem with a retailer, there was another who had a good relationship with a supermarket, he added.

A spokesman for Tesco, Britains biggest supermarket, said it hoped to serve as many customers as possible at the weekend.

"Customers will make a choice about where they want to shop," he said. &#42

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