Supply lots of different diets – fast

1 August 1997

Supply lots of different diets – fast

FEED many different diets at twice the speed of conventional mixing systems and improve efficiency by using the new Big Dutchman Hydromix-Compact liquid feeder, says supplier Sterling Equipment.

Using two 1200-litre closed stainless steel tanks allows feeding from one while mixing fresh feed in the other, it explains. The compact mixer is said to fit in a small room, as it is only 3.1m x 2.5m x 2.3m (10.3ft x 8.3ft x 7.7ft), yet it can feed up to 10,000 pigs on four pipeline circuits.

The liquid feeder is supplied with its own control system which, Sterling Equipment says can easily be linked to a farm computer.

Prices of the feeders start at £21,000 (01765-605999).

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