Support British pigs or lose the industry, says MP

By FW Staff

  On Saturday, Tory MP John Greenway joined over 200 pig farmers who gathered in York to praise Asda for its support and to urge Sainsburys to back their cause

UNLESS wholesalers, supermarkets and consumers support the British pig industry there is a very real risk that there will be no industry left to support.

Conservative MP for Ryedale, John Greenway, delivered this stark warning when he joined a farmer demonstration outside two York supermarkets.

For the 200 pig farmers who assembled outside the Asda supermarket on Saturday, it was more a celebration than a protest. They praised the retailers announcement last week that it would stock only British pork and bacon on its fresh meat counters and increase from 25 percent to 45 percent the British component of its pre-packed range.

The farmers then moved just a few hundred yards across the citys Monk Cross shopping centre to press Sainsburys to follow suit.

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