Survey highlights huntings benefits

04 March 1998

Survey highlights huntings benefits

THE first economic survey for hunting in Scotland and the north of England
found that seven hunts contribute £3.5m to the economy and provide direct employment for 250 people.

The survey from a firm of independent research consultants commissioned by the hunting fraternity, said attention needed to be given to the marginal nature of businesses in the rural areas otherwise many would go under.

Leading anti-hunt activists dismissed the statistics as “wild exaggeration”.

Kate Hoey, the Labour MP who has formed a cross-party group of MPs seeking a “middle way” compromise on hunting with hounds, is looking to win the backing of scores of MPs for her “consensus” approach.

Conservative MP Peter Luff and Lembit Opik, a Liberal Democrat, have
joined Hoey in an attempt to amend Mike Fosters private members bill which
returns to the Commons on Friday.

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