Switched on sprayer

5 January 2001

Switched on sprayer

NO more turning of sprayer valves; all it takes to change from "fill" to "spray" on Househams Sprint self-propelled sprayer is the flick of a switch.

The machine uses the same five-way ball valves that most manufacturers have now moved to as an alternative to a multitude of two-way valves. But on the Sprint they are operated electrically.

"All operators have to do is select the function they want using a four-position rotary switch next to the chemical induction hopper," says Rob Willey. "The electric control system adjusts both valves simultaneously."

Apart from ease of use and reducing the risk of incorrect valve settings, the electrical control system allows sprayline flushing to be activated from the cab. It also reduces plumbing requirements.

"Being able to position the valves nearer the pump reduces the amount of pipework and the liquid they contain from 42 litres to 17.5 litres," says Mr Willey. "So the volume of washings is reduced and spray mix dilution is not affected to the same degree."

Other changes for 2001-spec Sprints include fitting air-operated spray nozzle valves for more responsive on-off control to cope with faster spraying speeds; a dry tank contents gauge; a larger clothing locker; and a bigger clean water reservoir.

Berthouds Boxer II self-propelled sprayer keeps its front engine, mid-cab layout but has a number of changes and improvements to the specification.

There are three sizes – 2500, 3000 and 4000 litre – powered by Iveco engines that now go to 200hp. Coupled to a hydrostatic drive system using high output Poclain wheel motors, the Boxer II is reckoned to have much increased tractive performance which is particularly evident on hills.

Pneumatic axle suspension with automatic load sensing and levelling for consistent ride height and axle travel is part of the package, along with a secondary braking system to back up the braking effect of the hydrostatic transmission.

A multiple valve control panel is situated next to the chemical induction hopper, and the sprayers electronic control and monitoring system will now hold up to 99 field records. &#42

Four-position electric control switch is all that is needed to select fill-to-spray modes on Househams Sprint.

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