Swivel-saw cost cutter

2 October 1998

Swivel-saw cost cutter

MAKING trees into money – and not firewood – has long been the aim of small timber producers.

With cost in mind, several firms have produced mobile sawmills to process timber on site.

One of the latest is from Forestor, which has introduced a new swivel saw – a blade which cuts horizontally on one pass and vertically on the next. Power is supplied by a 20hp Honda engine.

In operation, a length of timber up to 6m long and 1.4m diameter is placed between a simple aluminium frame, the adjustable-height side rails acting as a guide for the saw unit. Depending on model, timber to a maximum cross section of 16cm or 21cm square can be produced. Price of the 210 starts at £4100 and the smaller 160, at £3600. &#42

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