Take part in our Farmer Sentiment Survey to win £50 voucher

Farmers Weekly has launched a new industry-wide survey to find out how farmers have fared in the year gone by, and what their hopes and fears are for 2021.

“There is no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most tumultuous years in living memory, with farmers and society having to adapt to a completely new set of rules,” says executive editor Philip Clarke.

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“Coronavirus has changed the way we live, and agriculture has had to face up to many challenges, from market disruption to increased pressure on the countryside.

“It has also been a year of political turbulence, with the Agriculture Bill and emerging new farm policies dominating the headlines, while trade negotiations with the EU have, at times, appeared on the brink of collapse.

“And then there has been the weather, which has fluctuated between monsoon and drought, with catastrophic consequences for many farmers and growers.”

But how has it been for you?

We would be very grateful if you would spare a few minutes to complete a short and confidential questionnaire, run in association with Azets, regarding your experiences in 2020 and hopes for 2021.

Prize draw

The questionnaire will take less than 10 minutes and those completing the survey will be eligible to enter into a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

The results will be published in a forthcoming issue of Farmers Weekly magazine and online at FWi.co.uk.

The information you give will be used only in aggregate and your views will be completely confidential, in accordance with the UK Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

Take part in the survey here.

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