Take the tube for tidiness and safety

20 November 1998

Take the tube for tidiness and safety

LOOSE wiring, pipework and hoses are not only unsightly, they make a workshop a dangerous place to work in.

One solution may now be available from Agriemach, whose Cool-Tube covering is claimed to not only improve neatness and appearance but protect items from extreme heat and accidental damage.

Made of convoluted nylon-6 tubing covered by an aluminised glass fibre fabric, the product is designed to provide optimum thermal efficiency at over 250C (482F), with tests showing average temperature reduction inside the tubing of 43%. Internal diameter is 20mm (3/4in) and the tubing accepts up to 12mm (1/2in) rubber or stainless steel braided hose, with a smaller 12mm (1/2in) internal diameter available.

Lengths are 3ft and 15ft priced at £25.65 and £74.10, respectively (01342-713743).

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