Taking the pressure from slurry tankers

29 January 1999

Taking the pressure from slurry tankers

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PRESSURE dominates Dutch agriculture. Pressure on livestock farmers to inject slurry within a few summer months. Pressure, too, on machinery manufacturers to reduce the ground pressure of ever larger slurry tankers.

Crab-steering on self-propelled applicators and variable, on-the-move axles are helping tackle makers to spread wheel loadings evenly. Not only does that reduce ground pressure, it also enables much greater carrying capacity, according to the makers.

A good example is the prototype 4WD self-propelled tanker from Vredo. Powered by a 330hp Deutz water-cooled engine and fitted with a 15,000 litre tank, when working the tankers four wheels are placed in the crab-steer mode so that the tracks from the 1m-wide tyres run along side each other. The rear linkage is angled automatically to keep the rear-mounted injector square to the driving direction.

Ground pressure of the Vredo 3326, equipped with 1050/50 R32 tyres, is about 14psi and the price is about £167,000.

Meanwhile, slurry specialist Schuitemaker has developed a movable axle system for its 11,600 litre (2,550 gal) trailed tanker. The centres of the tankers wheels, equipped with 1050/50 R32 tyres, move hydraulically from 1.6m to 3.5m (5.2-11.5ft) to position them outside the track of the tractors wheels. Price of the tanker is about £55,000.

Also from Schuitemaker came the Combi grassland slurry injector system. Four models are available with working widths from 6.4m (20ft) to 8m (26ft); injection depth ranges from 25mm (1in) to 85mm (3.3in). Prices are £15,200 and £16,600 respectively.

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