Tanker built for slurry

2 April 1999

Tanker built for slurry

UMBILICAL slurry disposal systems are less economic than a large capacity low ground pressure slurry tanker when used on smaller jobs requiring low application rates, due to the unproductive time spent setting up and dismantling the equipment, insists Chavtrac,

By contrast, a high output, self-propelled slurry tanker requires no setting up time and no investment in fixed equipment, maintains the company, which has added a 9000 litre (2000gal) capacity model to its self-propelled tanker range.

Capable of an output of more than 25,898 litres an hour (10,000gal), the Tanka 410/2000 is based on a 115hp Chavtrac 410 load carrier, beefed up to carry the extra payload and running on 700/800mm Trelleborg flotation tyres.

Modifications include the fitting of a 12t capacity rear axle and a closed centre hydraulic system, stated to release an additional 20hp to power the vehicle when spreading and travelling on the road.

An in-field refilling system using a hydraulically operated probe allows spreading to continue without the Tanka operator having to dismount and the spreader can be fitted with a GPS data logging system for full traceability of waste disposal operations. &#42

Flotation tyres and an output of more than 25,898 litres/hour make the Tanka 410/2000 a viable alternative to umbilical systems under certain conditions, maintains Chavtrac. Price £55,800.

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