Tasty Kentish icecream &cows nibbling at our seats

7 August 1998

Tasty Kentish icecream &cows nibbling at our seats

WITH all the travelling I do I had forgotten how beautiful the Garden of England is – and its right on my doorstep.

As I drove into the yard at White House Farm, Biddenden to join Kent FWC, I was met by the sight of a tractor and trailer loaded with 12 members sitting on straw bales waiting to start the grand tour of the farm, led by Stan Lane and his wife Mary.

The Lanes farm with their daughter and son-in-law, 80ha (200 acres) of their own and rent about 80ha (200 acres) from 13 landlords. Their Jersey herd supplies the ingredients for icecream, yogurt and butter production.

In the first field we were driven into we saw Wilfred, the Angus bull, with his entourage of Jersey cattle who were determined to eat our seating of bales covered with rugs. The next port of call was to see some of the 750 flock of sheep grazing contentedly in the summer sunshine. We were followed across one field by many of Wilfreds progeny eager to get a closer look at us as we headed back to the dairy to taste Winters Dairy ice cream in delicious and unusual flavours.

We adjourned to the local pub for lunch. In the afternoon we visited Biddenden church and admired the colourful embroidered kneelers and pew cushions with so many different subjects represented.

Jean Howells

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