TDB runs the rule over Swedish timber shifter

2 October 1998

TDB runs the rule over Swedish timber shifter

AN agency of the Forestry Commission, the Technical Development Branchs mandate is to develop and evaluate safe, efficient equipment for use in the industry.

Over the years, it has applied its expertise to many different machines, from chainsaws to harvesters, from sprayers to chippers.

One of its latest projects is to assess the suitability of the Swedish-built Alstor 8×8 vehicle for forwarding timber.

An articulated vehicle – a four-wheel skid unit on the front and four-wheel bogy unit at the rear – power is provided by a 16hp Vanguard engine. Drive to all eight wheels is via mechanical gearbox for a top speed of 15.5mph.

Clearly designed to be used in a variety of guises and in a wide number of industries, it is the vehicles ability to traverse tough terrain that is perhaps its biggest attribute.

And, as a timber forwarder complete with crane, it appeared to be capable of doing just that -managing to load up to 1t of timber, travel over reasonably difficult terrain and then unload.

Price of the Alstor starts at £15,000, a ticket that could have some appeal to managers of farm-run woodlands.

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