Tedder trio tackle heavy weather

12 June 1998

Tedder trio tackle heavy weather

THREE new Stoll tedders are now available from the WestMac stable. Described by the manufacturer as being heavy duty, high performance machines, they are intended for use in heavy wet silage crops.

The range comprises the four-rotor Z585 and the six-rotor Z685 and Z765 offering working widths of 5.8m, 6.8m and 7.6m respectively.

Standard features include hydraulic folding for transport, spreading angle adjustment for clearing headlands and a new beefy headstock. Extra strength has also been built into the tine arms and heavy duty bearings have been employed.

All three models run on 16/6.5 -8 balloon tyres positioned directly under the rotor to help ensure accurate contour following. WestMac points out that the Z585 is capable of handling 2 x 3m swaths, while the Z685 manages 3 x 2.8m swaths and the Z765 3 x 3m swaths.

Prices for the three models are £4995, £6850 and £7650.

Heavy, wet silage crops pose no problem for the new Stoll Z-Pro Series tedders, claims WestMac.

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