Tempers flare over raw milk prices

16 July 1998

Tempers flare over raw milk prices

MILK MARQUE has accused senior figures in the dairy industry of “signalling” to each other in an attempt to keep prices down ahead of todays auction.

The Dairy Industry Federation denied the accusation. It claimed Milk Marque was “shooting itself in the foot” by changing its auction rules while under investigation by the Monopolies & Mergers Commission.

Paul Beswick, Milk Marque managing director, stopped short of alleging collusion. Signalling is not illegal in Britain.

Earlier this month, the farmer-owned co-operative Milk Marque dropped the rule that requires it to re-run its auctions if bids are received for less than 90% of the milk on sale.

  • The Daily Telegraph 16/07/98 page 36

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