Terra Nitrogen in water poisoning scare

01 June 1998

Terra Nitrogen in water poisoning scare

By FWi staff

BRITAINS biggest fertiliser manufacturer, Terra Nitrogen, found itself at the centre of a poisoning scare today (Monday) after thousands of bottles of mineral water were withdrawn from supermarket shelves.

Coca-Cola Schweppes and Boots pulled bottles of Malvern Water and sparkling Brecon Carreg after finding they contained traces of the cancer-causing poison benzene.

Manufacturers said they had traced the source of the benzene contamination to carbon dioxide supplied by Terra Nitrogens plant at Bristol. Some samples were almost double the World Health Organisations guidelines.

Coca Cola Schweppes said that only a few bottles of Malvern Water were affected but it had decided to take the action as a precautionary measure. Still mineral water is unaffected.

Terra Nitrogen told the BBC this afternoon that there was no threat to the public.

“All the information we have suggests its a quality issue and theres very little risk associated with the levels found so far,” said Terra Nitrogen spokesman Bob Snowdon.

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