Tesco brings back mutton

6 October 1999

Tesco brings back mutton

MUTTON is back on supermarket shelves after retail giant Tesco agreed to stock it in 200 stores in a bid to boost demand for ewe meat.

Up to 500 ewes a week to meet demand which could help ailing cull values currently averaging £9.35/head.

Priced at £1.79 for 500g, mutton mince will be £1.20/pack cheaper than the lamb equivalent, and a similar price to pork mince.

The MLC will provide recipe cards to shoppers and is working with processors to encourage greater use of mutton.

National Sheep Association chief executive John Thorley, told Radio 4s Farming Today programme “Its a question of every little thing being important to our industry.

“Theres a supply of mutton out there, if we can create demand that will obviously benefit the industry and consumers.”

Mr Thorley said other supermarkets would be watching carefully to see if watch the scheme works.

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