Testing times bring changes to 1998 lists

28 November 1997

Testing times bring changes to 1998 lists

Variety trials funded by the HGCAs farmer/merchant levy

have prompted a range of changes to the 1998 UK

Recommended Lists for combinable crops. Although just one

new winter wheat and two new winter barleys have won

recommendation, there is widespread jostling in the ranks

and an upgrading of the spring rape list. Andrew Blake

reports over the following three pages

After a testing year for winter wheats only one new variety, Savannah, is added to the UKRecommended List. Results from two northern trials with poor seed set were justifiably taken into account when making the decisions, says NIABs John Ramsbottom (inset).



&#8226 Savannah (PG) – hard feed; yield 4% up on best.


&#8226 Vertige (PG) – high yielding two-row feed.

&#8226 Jewel (PS) – BYMV resistant feed.


&#8226 Jalna (PG) – sets new yield standard.

Note: PG & PS = Provisionally recommended for general and special use respectively.

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