Texel Sheep Society woos Beltex men

30 June 2000

Texel Sheep Society woos Beltex men

THE British Texel sheep society has made a move that may bring it and the Beltex society closer together.

In a recent announcement the British Texel Sheep Society (BTSS) agreed to accept Beltex bloodlines into its flock book.

According to BTSS chief executive, Steven McLean, it is correcting an anomaly that has prevented cross registration between the two flock books.

Previously BTSS members could not import bloodlines from Belgium if registered with the Beltex society first. But this rule did not apply to other European Texel societies, and so it has been updated.

Mr McLean says that the Beltex bloodlines go back to the Dutch Texel, but he wouldnt confirm or deny this development signifying closer ties between the two societies.

However, Mr McLean adds that this is not a recommendation to members that they should import bloodlines from Belgium. "But it does allow members more freedom and flexibility when they are choosing new bloodlines."

"The Texel came into this country because of its muscularity and so it seems sensible to lift this restriction and allow access to Beltex breeding.

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