The straw that broke the Camel’s back…

2188 headerReputation often precedes agricultural students, who are rightly or wrongly labelled as a bunch of bone-idle beer monsters who are guaranteed to break any piece of machinery they get on.

They turn up at the start of the season and the full time staff cringe at the thought of putting up with them for the next 12 weeks.

2188 header2Agricultural student Richard Tucker – from Harper Adams – assures us that the pictured damage was not his fault and that these events happened due to supernatural forces.

Apparently no telegraph poles, trees, ditches or falling asleep on the job can be blamed!

The reel fell off at the beginning of the season and then – with three fields of beans to cut – the back axel went bang.

2188 axle 1Apart from this the 2188 axial flow performed like a dream all summer – and along side two identical machines – covered about 3700 acres of wheat and 600 acres of beans just outside St Neots in Cambridgeshire.

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2188 2

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