18 February 2000


NORTHAMPTONSHIRE FWC met on a rare sunny morning at Betty Alcocks home, a lovely old stone house in the delightful village of Brixworth.

Here they were treated to a glass painting demonstration by Mandy Dawkins and the result of her labours were on display when I arrived – a beautiful array of decorated glassware.

About 30 members walked to the local hostelry for lunch. Inevitably the conversation revolved around farming, living in the country and how everyone was coping. It was the morning that Mr Blair had announced that farmers must diversify as if it was a new thought of his. These people have been diversifying for years and by nature have learned to adjust to whatever has been thrown at them. Diversification is all very well so long as your next door neighbour is not also following the same course – many farmers wives have told me that their bed and breakfast trade isnt nearly so busy now that so many are doing it.

Back to more lighter-hearted discussion, someone asked me if they joined one FWC group could they cross over to the next county for meetings – the answer is yes, once you have paid your subscription you can visit as many clubs as you like. Which leads me on to subscriptions, they were due on Jan 1 so if you are reading this and have overlooked payment, please send your £10 to me today.

Before leaving Brixworth I walked up past the village stocks to see the beautiful Saxon Church of All Saints and lo and behold there was the villages millennium garden opposite – an absolute haven of peace. It got me thinking there must have been many millennium projects throughout the land so write and tell us about your local efforts. I have been to the Millennium Dome at Greenwich – it wont take much to surpass that.

Jean Howells

Brix and mortar…the beautiful Saxon church at Brixworth.

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