Three-bed windrower

5 October 2001

Three-bed windrower

A THREE-BED onion windrower – the Asa-Lift T318 – is now available from Standen Reflex. Capable of windrowing 3 x 72in beds in one pass, the machine features hydraulic drives throughout, high outputs and, it is claimed, low running costs.

The machines three lifting units have been designed to float independently. Each is equipped with large diameter intake discs, pneumatic depth wheels and a choice of rotating bar or shares.

Each lifter is provided with two sieving webs and rear bed levelling rollers run independently, each with its own suspension system for operation on uneven ground. Hydraulic steering with automatic self-centering is standard – as is an independent hydraulic oil pump and reservoir system.

Once lifted, onions can be placed in two windrows using conveyors and rubber cushioned funnels. Gentle handling of crops is enhanced through use of low angle webs and low drop heights.

For headland turns the windrowers main frame is raised and lowered hydraulically on two rear wheels – for transport the wheels are lowered and the two outer lifters folded to create a 3.3m width.

Working at speeds of up to 6kph, outputs of up to 16ha/day (40 acres) are claimed to be possible. Price of the Standen Reflex Asa-Lift T318 is listed at £46,000. &#42

Three-bed onion windrowing with Standen Reflexs Asa-Lift T318.

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