Three new bale wrappers boost McHale stable

3 July 1998

Three new bale wrappers boost McHale stable

THREE new bale wrappers have been introduced by McHale Engineering for next season.

Joining the companys range of trailed and linkage-mounted models are the 991 Combi in-line round bale wrapper, the 998 trailed big square wrapper and the 995LM linkage-mounted mini wrapper.

Up to 35 800kg round bales can be handled each hour by the 991 Combi machine when used as a fully-automatic, non-stop in-line machine.

In operation, bales roll from the baler to the wrappers lift arm.

Contact with the arm starts the automatic wrapping cycle and sees the bale lifted onto the rotating table and wrapping start. Once the wrapping cycle is complete, a curved bale damping arm at the rear of the machine raises automatically to cradle the bale and lower it to the ground as it is tipped from the table.

That feature is unique to McHale machines, says sales and service manager John Biggins. "Because the damping arm is supported at the pivot end as the bale is lowered, it removes all stress from the wrapper chassis and tractor drawbar."

The 991 Combi, priced at £12,400, can also be used as a static wrapper using an infra red control from a loader tractor.

McHales 998 trailed big square wrapper (Machinery, May 15) has been modified to wrap two big square bales.

The principle benefit of two-in-one wrapping is reduced spoilage, says Mr Biggins. Others include a 30% reduction in plastic wrap, which represents a cost saving of up to £2/bale, and less handling with each pack weighing 2t.

At the other end of the scale, McHale has also introduced a linkage-mounted mini bale wrapper for conventional small bales.

The 995LM has been developed to meet the needs of the horse haylage trade.

Bales are loaded manually onto the machines turntable. Film from the 225mm pre-stretch unit is attached to the bale which is wrapped as it is turned on the table and by the two sets of oscillating rollers.

Six layers of film are recommended for grass with a dm of up to 75%. The hydraulically-driven mini wrapper, which has an output of about 50 bales/hr, is controlled through a single-acting valve mounted on the side of the dispenser post. Price is £3900.

Mini-bale wrapping is now available from McHale Engineering.

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