Three Renault outlets to close

9 November 2001

Three Renault outlets to close

RENAULT is to close its retail outlets at Ludlow, York and Epworth, a move said to have been prompted by the recent expansion in the companys dealer network.

The closures, which form part of a reorganisation of Renaults distribution network, are planned to take place as soon as suitable alternative customer support facilities can be put in place.

Managing director, Bob Humphrey, says the tractor market has changed considerably since the policy of establishing Renault-owned outlets was adopted.

"The market was strong and finding good local dealers was difficult," he says. "As a result, our retail outlets tended to be in weak market areas or where the tractor business was dominated by big four manufacturers and their dealers."

Mr Humphrey now believes that growing unrest among these dealers – due to mergers and a general downturn in the market – has led them to consider Renault franchises as a viable alternative. &#42

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