Thumbs-up for fishmeal

By FWi staff

FISHMEAL has been made an acceptable feed ingredient in beef and lamb diets under the new revised FABBL/ABM standards announced yesterday (Thursday).

This news follows the announcement by the EU Commission that there is no health risks to animals or humans associated with fishmeal, and no reason to justify a ban on its use in ruminant feed.

This double affirmation on the safety of fishmeal was welcomed by Colin Nottage, chairman of the Grain and Feed Trade Associations Fishmeal Information Network (FIN).

“We now call on all the companies or associations currently suspending the use of fishmeal to end their bans, and once again give farmers the opportunity to choose for themselves whether to use this valuable and highly nutritious feed ingredient,” said Mr Nottage.

FIN is also seeking NFU and MAFF support in its approach to the Commission to restore fishmeal to the list of permitted ingredients allowed under the European Quality Beef marketing scheme.

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