Tigers fast worker

12 July 2002

Tigers fast worker

DESIGN refinements in the new-look Horsch Tiger AS heavy cultivator have been aimed at faster working in the toughest conditions.

The Terra Grip tines have a safety break-away setting of up to 500kg each, and trip to a 30cm height for fast forward work without breakages coupled to minimum reset time.

The Terra Grip design is aimed at giving high clearance at the same time as practical working depth down to 40cm. Spacing between the tines is just 20cm and there is an 850mm under-frame height.

The Tiger gives a high consistency of straw mixing through full working depth. The four-gang layout means an optimum degree of level work. Widths start at 3m for the new Tiger AS and also include 3.8m, 5m and 7m versions. &#42

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