Tight corners not a problem with NHs 3.3m turning circle

7 November 1997

Tight corners not a problem with NHs 3.3m turning circle

WHILE orchard-type tractors may have only limited market potential in the UK – less than 300 are sold each year – the world market offers considerably richer pickings. New Hollands decision to launch the 65hp TN65F, 76hp TN75F and 88hp TN90F narrow tractors should not, then, be greeted with too much amazement.

But whatever their market potential may be in the UK, they remain interesting developments worthy of comment. Perhaps their most striking feature is the ability to turn sharply – turning radius is stated at just 3.3m (10.8ft) for a 180í turn.

This is achieved through the use of the companys Supersteer front axle – an axle which can pivot slightly when cornering to allow room for the increased angle of the inside wheel. Maximum wheel steering angle is an impressive 76í.

Useful as such manoeuvrability is when working in the confined spaces of an orchard, the system requires the axle to be positioned further forward than one would normally have expected for tractors of this size. The overall effect is for an overlong machine – an effect compounded no doubt, by a 1.4m (4.6ft) width and 2.3m (7.5ft) height. Actual length is 4m (13.1ft).

Power is supplied by emissioned New Holland 8000 Series, four-cylinder engines – the 65F and 75F get naturally aspirated blocks while the 90F benefits from a turbocharger.

Standard transmission comprises a 16×16 mechanical box with an option for a creep speed, which adds another 12 forward speeds. New Holland is also offering to fit its 16×16 Dual Command transmission system which allows electronic, button control for a 20% speed reduction in each of the 16 gears. A creeper speed option is available.

Those who choose to take a four-wheel-drive version of the TNF range will wish to know that drive to the front axle is only engaged when rear wheels start to slip or the brakes are applied. A mechanical differential lock is standard.

New Holland has applied its Supersteer front axle to the TN orchard tractors – steeringangle is 76í.

New Holland TN Series



Transmissn ShuttleCommand 16×16

Option DualCommand 16×16

Steering radius 3.3m

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