Tighter pollution laws concern Scots

18 December 1998

Tighter pollution laws concern Scots

SCOTTISH farmers have been told to brace themselves for the arrival of new stricter pollution laws, according to a briefing given at the Dumfries meeting of the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

A £230 licence charge is about to be imposed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) for operating a sheep dip. This will be levied on every dip rather than as a “site” licence for a complete farm.

SEPA is also seeking to impose controls on the spreading of slurry on land and the registration of bathing beaches.

Farmers were confronted with a “nightmare” if they faced bad weather and restrictions on what slurry could be sprayed, said one of those at the meeting.

The restrictions could mean farmers would only be allowed to spread slurry for just four months a year.

  • The Herald 18/12/98 page 23

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