12 April 2002


This weeks Tip of the Week has been provided by Arthur Tomkinson of Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough, Leics.

Clearly concerned by the amount of waste plastic film farms now produce, Mr Tomkinson has designed a storage system which not only compresses the plastic but also enables it to be tied in bundles.

The system comprises an outer steel box measuring 1.35m square and 1.5m deep which is, when empty, lined with two pieces of cord used to tie the plastic up. It is constructed with a removable front panel.

A second, slightly smaller box is filled with gravel and used as a weight to compress the plastic film.

In operation the weight box is lifted out using a loader arm, waste plastic is placed in the outer box and the weight placed back on it. When full the cords are tied and the completed plastic bale removed by lowering a side of the box.

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