Top British semen

14 August 1998

Top British semen

UK-BRED world class black-and-white bull semen will be available this year, following the August UK proof run which puts MOET Martha Franchise in the top four bulls on production and type.

Franchise was bred from the MOET nucleus herd, explains Genus sire analyst James Simpson. His proof shows £116 PIN and £118 ITEM, with 75% reliability, and UK type merit of +1.7 with a good linear proof in the proof run of bulls with UK production data.

Proofs for bulls with overseas production data will be published later in the month, says the Animal Data Centre.

"Only four bulls in the world that match this combination of PIN, protein and type," says Mr Simpson. Franchise, a Nordkap son, will be the first from the UK used as an international sire of sons.

The bulls semen will be cheaper than similar quality imported bulls which are currently sold in the UK at £34 and above and should be available soon.

Top three bulls with UK production proofs are Rosparry Thor with £126 ITEM, Etazon Celcius with £124 ITEM and Singing Brook N-B Mascot with £121 ITEM. Franchise is fourth.

August type proofs from the Holstein Friesian Society show 13 new entries in the top 50, and a new top type sire, A Caernarvon Jogger. Joggers type merit score is +3.34 with 92% reliability, but he has a low production proof.

Juniper Rotate Jed, second, s while UK proven sire Genus Bradley moves to third with +2.93 type merit. Bradleys production proof shows £98 PIN and £106 ITEM Fourth is Haldrey Leadership with 2.88 type merit, he also offers £102 PIN and £109 ITEM.

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