Top Devons make 900gns

17 April 1997

Top Devons make 900gns

PRICES reached 900gns when the major portion of the Clampit herd of pedigree Devon cattle, established in 1867, was offered for Robert Brent, Callington, Cornwall.

Two five-year-old cows each made this price. One was a daughter of Halsbury Napoleon from the Snowdrop family. She was offered with her 11-month-old heifer calf at foot by Dingle Prospect which made 480gns. The outfit heads for Penzance with I Rowe.

Also at 900gns was another Napoleon daughter claimed by J C Bowden, Totnes, who added an in-calf heifer by Prospect at 800gns. A Prospect daughter topped the maiden heifers at 800gns paid by J Williams, Launceston.

AVERAGES: Five cows and calves £1131; two in-calf cows £829; two in-calf heifers £813; nine maiden heifers £656 and 11 non-registered bulls £344. (Stags) &#42

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