Top-up for Irelands dry heifers

By FWi staff

SUCKLER cow producers in the Republic of Ireland will get a Ir60/head (47) top-up for their “dry heifers” next year, paid out of the countrys national beef envelope.

Announcing the measure, farm minister Joe Walsh said the money would help those farmers who would lose out under the new EU rules for a minimum 15% inclusion of heifers in next years SCP claims.

Brussels is insisting these animals do not calve down during the six-month retention period.

The minister also confirmed that the Ir8.2m top-up to the slaughter premium on beef-breed heifers would continue, along with the same amount for suckler cow replacements.

“The retention of the top-up for beef heifers which calve before the end of the year, combined with the fact that heifers under the 15% rule must not calve before the end of the retention period, will encourage more farmers to consider autumn calving,” said Irish Cattle and Sheep Association beef chairman Joe Kilmartin.

“This would reduce the seasonality of Irish beef production.”

On the dairy side, Mr Walsh has increased the SCP threshold from 147,600 litres to 161,200 litres.

This is to facilitate the restructuring of the dairy herd and to accommodate the allocation of more milk quota, granted to Ireland under Agenda 2000.

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