Tops, spreads, aerates

5 July 2002

Tops, spreads, aerates

WHERE cattle are intensively grazed it is inevitable that large areas will become contaminated with dung, reasons Joskin. This, says the company, results in bare patches in the pasture which rejects fertiliser and allows weeds to grow.

The Belgium-based manufacturer has now developed a combined scraper and pasture aerator that can be used, if required, attached to the rear of a pasture topper.

In operation, a row of scraper blades which spread the dung, is followed by two rows of rake tines which aerate and scarify the field.

Galvanised throughout to protect the implement from the effects of corrosive dung, the 2.75m scarifier unit costs £500 and the matching topper £1800. Working widths up to 5.5m are available. &#42

This combined grass topper, dung spreader and aerator is now available from Joskin.

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