Towel rolls super sucking power

8 December 2000

Towel rolls super sucking power

GREATER absorbency is offered in a three-ply towel roll which is ideal for milking parlours, according to the suppliers of Triple Blue Paper Towels.

Each roll has 1000 perforated sheets of 37.5cm (15in) square, bonded with glue so they dont separate, says Gordon Beresford who is retailing the product from his North Yorks dairy farm.

A Triple Blue roll is said to be equivalent to a standard six-pack of small rolls and the added strength means milkers only need take one sheet at a time, so they are more economic.

Each Triple Blue roll costs £19.34 when two are ordered, or £17.07 when requesting 10 or more, including next-day delivery (01729-850495).

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