Trace boluses to keep calves healthy

24 July 1998

Trace boluses to keep calves healthy

BOOST trace element blood levels and improve daily liveweight gain in calves using smAll-Trace boluses for cattle, says manufacturer Agrimin.

A scaled-down version of Agrimins All-Trace bolus, they are for use in ruminating calves from 75-200kg liveweight.

Given as a two-bolus dose, these lie in the reticulum and dissolve, providing calves with a continuous supply of copper, cobalt, selenium, iodine, zinc, manganese and vitamins for a six-month period says the company.

The product is aimed at spring born suckler calves and dairy replacements which are at grass for their first season.

Available from merchants and vets, a two-bolus dose costs £3.20/calf. (01652 688046, fax 01652 688049).

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