Trailed aerator to meet green recycling demand

3 August 2001

Trailed aerator to meet green recycling demand

INCREASING interest in green waste recycling and on-farm composting has led Teagle Machinery to import a range of tractor-trailed aeration machines.

Marketed in France by Le Boulch, the 4300SP and 5300SP machines straddle and aerate windrows up to 4.3m and 5.3m wide.

The aerators, powered by pto, run at 540rpm and 1000rpm, respectively, with drive supplied to an on-board hydraulic system.

A variable displacement pump powers two lugged drive wheels through independent hydrostatic motors. Teagle says the self-propelled drive system achieves ultra slow forward speeds so composted windrows can be thoroughly mixed and aerated.

The system is also designed to eliminate the need for the machines to be operated by a tractor with creep speed transmission.

Aeration and mixing is carried out by a hydraulically-driven 1.1m diameter rotor equipped with replaceable paddles. The paddles are mounted on the rotor in a spiral formation to produce a churning and boiling action.

To mix the entire height of the windrow, the rotor can be hydraulically raised and lowered, while adjustable deflectors form an evenly shaped windrow.

Both aerators are operated by an in-cab control box that can also be used to finely tune forward speeds, and select free wheel or diff-lock settings.

Price starts at £27,500. &#42

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