Trailers in tune with beet

27 August 1999

Trailers in tune with beet

A new generation of trailers is now available to help improve

the efficiency of sugar beet field haulage and storage

THEY tip tall and cleanly and have a tail gate which levels off the clamp: The new generation of beet trailers offer growers not only greater efficiency but, in the main, increased capacity

At Ravens Farm, Wisbech St Mary, Cambs, John Mann replaced a pair of traditional dump trailers with a single 14t capacity Beet Runner from Suffolk manufacturer Richard Western.

Delivered in time for last years 100ha (250 acre) cereal harvest, the trailer then became a key part of the 650ha (1600 acre) contract sugar beet lifting campaign.

Last year, the farm switched from a non-tanker type harvester which needed a trailer running alongside all the time, to a machine with 12t-capacity holding tank that can be unloaded at the headlands.

The trailers 14t capacity ensures the harvester can offload fully each time, and its body is long enough to ensure clean dicharge from the Holmer harvesters wide discharge elevator.

"Even though the trailer runs on wide flotation tyres, unloading at headlands is still a big advantage as far as soil compaction is concerned," insists Mr Mann. "The advantage for us is that, in most cases, we need just one tractor, driver and trailer to keep the harvester going."

Switching to a JCB Fastrac 155-65 for this years campaign should help maintain this principle by speeding up field-to-store journeys. But where the haulage distance is just a bit too far, customers usually contribute a tractor and trailer to the team.

Leaf-spring suspension for axles and drawbar help the Beet Runner cope with field tracks. At the clamp, its 60deg tip angle ensures beet are piled high.

"It tips a lot higher than a normal beet or grain trailer," says Mr Mann. "The hydraulic tailgate is also designed to be used as a levelling board and leave the clamp at the recommended 2.9m (9ft 6in) deep, with a level top to eliminate any frost pockets.

"When were not using it for hauling beet we have a perfectly good grain trailer."

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