Treat the feet and keep em moving

20 November 1998

Treat the feet and keep em moving

TREAT sheeps feet and control infection without disrupting flow of stock through the race with the New Zealand-inspired Sheep Hoof Mat, says supplier Ritchey Tagg.

Made from a bonded foam, inside a heavy duty woven polyfabric, the mat holds sufficient medicated liquid to treat 50 sheep before it needs topping up with 15 litres of solution, it adds. The sheeps weight is said to push each claw into the soft mat ensuring a good penetration of foot solution.

It is also easier to clean and maintain than a traditional footbath, and is impervious to most acids and alkalis, says Ritchey Tagg.

Available from retailers, the hoof mats cost about £50 each (01765-689541, fax 01765-689851).

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